Where Are You Now?
As a SWEL alumni, you know that once you become a SWEL student, you become part of the SWEL family.  As with all families, we'd like to hear from you from time to time.  Tell us where you're at, share your success with us and become involved again. 

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Where Did They Go?
Many of our SWEL alumni have continued on in a variety of professional arenas.  Below is just a sampling:
City of Cincinnati Prosecutor's Office
Dinsmore & Shohl
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Without you and your determination to succeed, there would be no SWEL.  Whether you went on to receive your JD or other professional certifications, we consider your time spent with your SWEL family another great success.
As you know, the vision of SWEL is to be the best decision-development program for African American students interested in the legal field.  You can help us make that happen.
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